September 26, 2020       


Welcome to Berea Temple, another Sabbath on Zoom, YouTube, and Facebook. God has blessed us to see the end of another week and today our minds should be about giving God the praise. As the Holy Spirit fills each one of us with God’s presence as we witness for Him, may each person be richly blessed as we worship our creator on this beautiful Sabbath.

  • Don’t forget this is a great opportunity to witness, so make the best of it with creative ways. Invite your family, friends, and co-workers to share the service on Berea Temple Zoom, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • Tonight at sunset, all church members should be on Zoom for Business Meeting.
  • Tomorrow,  Sunday, September 27, at 8:30am, we will be going out in our church neighborhood to pass out postcards for our upcoming Forecasting Hope Evangelistic Meeting. We are asking all to be on board to help reach someone with the gospel.
  • On next Friday, October 2, the singing ministry of Anthony Whigham will have a Virtual Concert at 9:00pm.  The link is:
  • Sabbath School Quarterly pickup this Sunday from 9:30am to 11:00am.  Please Call Elder Michael Jones at (443)854-1986 first, and he will bring it to your car.
  • Our Evangelist Meeting this year will be shared with the Chesapeake Conference called “Forecasting Hope”, but with our own dedicated website, tracking, and attendance information. To register for the meeting coming up on October 9, go to our link to register at:, then share with family and friends.
  • Virtual Learning is happening at Baltimore Junior Academy. You still have time to send your child if you haven’t done so. Contact Sis. Felicia Moton or the school for more details. The pastor has sent out a letter to encourage all parents and guardians to support Christian Education with your child and or other support.
  • Wedding: There will be a Virtual and Actual Wedding-Fayth Miles and Shyaam Butler on Sunday, September 27, 2020 at 5:00 pm PST/8:00 pm EST. (Daughter of Sis Angela Miles and Late Pastor Bev. Miles)

View Wedding At:


The Links for the Wedding will also be posted on the Berea Temple Website Main Page.

  • Prayer Meeting is every Wednesday from 7:00pm-8:00pm on Church Zoom. We are having a wonderful time, and if you are missing out, you are missing an hour of blessings.
  • Keep our sick members and friends, and those who have lost love ones in prayer. Those we have so far are:

~Corinda Robins-sick and Antonio Robert-house fire

~Elder Alvin M. Kibble and his wife, Jewel-health challenges

~Amber Stackhouse-surgery healing

~Clara Davis-both ankles broken

~Carolyn Davis-healing strength to walk and from pain

~Pamela Davis-strength and healing

~Elder Margaret Brown-health challenges

~Deacon Alfred and Gwen Whiting-health challenges

~Janice Maxwell-Healing from surgery

~Christian Johnson, Janice Mayfield’s nephew- healing/health challenges

~Anna Timpson-Health challenges

~Elder Raymond and Doretha Bennett-Surgery and Health challenges

~Corey Nance - Health challenges

~Alevia Nance and her son - healing from automobile accident

~Diane Baker(Annie)

~ Ralph McCleary- upcoming surgery

~William Love-Health Challenges

~All those that lost loved ones during the coronavirus.

~Vicki Miles-Healing from surgery

~Dr. Gloria Thompson-healing from surgery

~Kathy Sumpter’s son

~Nita Norton-Health challenges and upcoming surgery

~All those that lost loved ones during the coronavirus.

~The condition of the United States and The World

~Fayth Miles and Shyaam Butler Wedding on tomorrow


  • Don’t forget to fill out your census report. This helps to keep funds in your community.
  • Voting is a must to get the right candidates in place after you listen to their concerns. The link to receive the Mail-In Ballot for Maryland to Vote By Mail is(COPY LINK and PASTE to Browser):
  •  Don’t forget to use the Allegheny East Conference website ( to receive information from the conference.
  • Remember to do your corporate prayer each day at 12:00 noon and another prayer 3 times a day for healing from this coronavirus pandemic.
  • Continue to be faithful each week in our giving of tithes (Conference Funds) and Offering (local church funds) which is the combined budget. Then if you want to give extra, remember debt relief, Sabbath School, Prayer Meeting, and Thank Offering, etc.
  • There are four ways to give in this church: Berea Temple CashApp, Adventist Online Giving, Mail in and drop off.
  • Continue to pray for those who are on the front lines or first responders during this coronavirus pandemic.
  • Allegheny East Conference churches will remain closed until further notice by the AEC Administrators.  They are working out ways of re-entering our churches. If you have health challenges, you may want to continue to use a device to view our services.


WORSHIP through Giving:

Please continue to be faithful in your giving.  Offerings may be placed in the mailbox at the church or please use this website for online giving. CashApp: $BereaTemple

Sacrificial Giving

Let us continue to be faithful in tithes (10%), offering (5%), and our conference goal ($100/member). 

This initiative is to increase baptisms by 5% and increase tithe by 5% over the next 5 years. Let us be diligent in all we do for Christ!

Summary of Berea Temple Church Debt as of July 31, 2020

  1. Church Restroom      $ (5,009.62)
  2. Sam’s Credit Card     $ (1,500.00)
  3. Home Depot Card     $ (3,500.00)
  4. Condo Units            $ (12,948.83)

Total Debt               $ (22,958.45)


Jesus on the Main Line: 

Capitol Hill Prayer Line 7am - 12pm - DAILY

(515)604-9588, Code: 690556.  

Press *6 to Mute and Unmute your phone.

Weekly Health Tip:

Please click on our "Health & Wellness" tab above.



Fifty Plus Association


  • The “No, Never Alone Club” sponsored by the Fifty Plus Association is inclusive of all age groups, nationalities and creeds and will replace our previous Sunday Evening Program due to an urgent cry for help. If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these issues: Rejection – Disconnection – Longing – Isolation - Loneliness or Social Failure -  this program might be for you and them. The meeting is every Sunday at 8 pm. The call-in number is: 515-604-9094 Code. 167731808#- There is no cost to join this club.