October 16, 2021       



Welcome to Berea Temple this Sabbath on Zoom, YouTube, Facebook and In-Person for another Blessed Sabbath Day. God has blessed us to see the end of another week and today our minds should be giving God the Praise. As the Holy Spirit fills each one of us with God’s presence, let each of us stay faithful to our Savior. Don’t forget this is a great opportunity to witness, so make the best of it with creative ways. Invite your family, friends, and co-workers to share the service on Berea Temple Zoom, YouTube, and Facebook.

  • Our Theme for 2021 is: “Trouble Won’t Last Forever”. The preaching topic for October is “Listen To The Lord In The Closing Days.
  • The Berea Temple has a Re-Opening Survey for you on the church website to fill out today and each week if you are planning to do in-person church worship. You must Register each week by Friday, 3:00pm, in order to attend the Sabbath Service that week. The doors will open at 11:00 am each Sabbath for Entry. The Allegheny East Conference asked us to register everyone who comes to church every week. Just go to the website and click on the link and follow the prompts, and when finished, push Submit.
  • Ministries Development/Adult Ministries Training Workshop – The Topic today is “Ministering to Female Offenders”. Please get Registered, if you aren't already, and join us at 4:00 pm. Find the meeting link on Allegheny East Conference Website.
  • We regret to announce the passing of Pastor Gerald Wells, former Pastor of Berea Temple, this past Monday. Keep the Wells family in prayer.
  • OCTOBER is “Pastor Appreciation Month”.
  • Prayer Meeting is every Wednesday at 7:00pm on Berea Temple Zoom.
  • The Music Ministry Committee – 1st Sabbath of every month on Berea Temple Zoom.
  • Community Service Meeting is the 1st Sunday of every month on their Zoom at 9:00am.
  • Community Service Thanksgiving Giveaway is at the church on Monday, November 22, from 2:00pm-5:00pm to pick-up your orders. Please call the church at 410-669-6350, and leave a message with your request.
  • Men Ministries Meeting is every month on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 10:00am.
  • The second Tuesday of each month, the Elders will meet at 7:00pm.
  • Treasury/Finance Meeting is the 2nd Thursday this month at 6:00pm.
  • Church Board Meeting-Sunday, October 17, at 10:00 am.
  • Message Magazine Campaign-Our Annual Campaign for Message has arrived.  The campaign began May 1. This campaign is one of the greatest opportunities we have for outreach.  Every member can be a part of, and play a significant role in reaching men and women for Jesus Christ. The covid-19 pandemic has greatly changed how the campaign will be conducted.

NO printed promotional materials will be sent to the church.

All information necessary for subscriptions can be accessed at:

See Sis. Clara Davis for your subscription of how many you will purchase. We still have a goal. Let’s go over 200 subscriptions again.

  • Continue to check out AEC Website for all their Announcements.
  • ALL ANNOUNCEMENTS/VIDEOS for Church Service, ETC, must be submitted by Tuesday, 8:30pm in order for it to be included on the upcoming Sabbath. No Exceptions. Thank You.


  • Keep our sick members and friends, and those who have lost love ones in prayer. Those we have so far are:
  • ~Clara, Carolyn, Pamela Davis - Health Challenges
  • ~Elder Margaret Brown - Health Challenges
  • ~David and Janice Mayfield, Ross, and Johnson families for John Johnson Jr. - Health Challenges
  • ~Unell Dawson - Health Challenges
  • ~Diane (Annie) Baker - Health Challenges
  • ~Towanda Anderson’s Mother-Health Challenges
  • ~Eric Anderson’s Cousin-Health Challenges
  • ~Deacon Alfred Whiting-Health Challenges
  • ~Kathy Sumpter son, Corwin Miller – Health Challenges
  • ~Kenny Brown Jr. - Health Challenges and Healing from surgery
  • ~William Love - Health Challenges
  • ~Raymond and Doretha Bennett-Health Challenges
  • ~Theodore Sauls - Health Challenges
  • ~Joyce Pearson - Health Challenges
  • ~ Donna Anderson - Health Challenges
  • ~Vicki Miles - Health Challenges
  • ~Lillian Edwards - Health Challenges
  • ~Jane Cox - Health Challenges
  • ~Denise Smith - Health Challenges
  • ~Christine Noakes Brother, James Major-Health Challenges
  • ~Armada Grant family for special prayer on behalf of her grandson and her son, Jason
  • ~Dorothy Walker - Health Challenges
  • ~Amber Stackhouse-Special Prayer for her and her family, and especially her mother, Betsy Bracey.
  • ~Arlene Campbell friend, Christina Evans
  • ~Chelsea Nance
  • ~All New Baptized Members
  • ~Elder Gerald Wells family in his passing last week.
  • ~Elder James Lewis and family in the passing of his wife, Sharon.
  • ~Dorothy Walker in the passing of her son, Christopher Walker and grandson, Justin Walker due to gun violence. Service Information will be forthcoming.
  • ~Elder Timothy and Cynthia Privette family in the passing of their Uncle and Aunt.
  • ~Don’t forget to use the Allegheny East Conference Website ( to receive information from the conference.
  • Remember to do your corporate prayer each day at 12:00 noon and another prayer 3 times a day for healing from this coronavirus pandemic.
  • Continue to be faithful each week in our giving of tithes (Conference Funds) and Offering (local church funds) which is the combined budget. Then if you want to give extra, remember Debt Relief, Sabbath School, Prayer Meeting, and Thank Offering, etc.
  • There are four ways to give in this church: Berea Temple CashApp, Adventist Online Giving, Mail In and Drop Off.
  • Continue to pray for those who are on the front lines or first responders during this coronavirus pandemic.